Higher in calcium than milk.

Boosts the immune system

Increases energy & stamina

Improves memory and focus


Higher Nutrional content than any vegetable

Protects against inflammation

Builds red blood cells Improves Circulation

Chia Seeds

Rich in anti-oxidants

Provides fiber, which makes you feel full for longer

Healthy complexion

Increases energy

Reduces risk of obesity, diabetes & heart disease


Helps Digestion

Reduces nausea & Morning sickness

Helps fight flu and common cold

Reduces Muscle pain and soreness

Lowers blood sugars (diabetes) lowers risk of heart disease

Signigicantly reduces menstrual pain

Lowers Cholesterol


Lowers blood pressure

Super detoxifying drink that cleanses your liver

Protects from premature aging

Improves digestion

Fights inflammation

Boosts energy

Lowers blood sugar


Lowers blood pressure

Lowers cancer risk

Improves your heart health

Helps prevent diabetes

Helps fight aging and reduce damaged skin by the sun


Beneficial for good eye sight

Boosts metabolism and digestive system

Prevents osteoporosis and strokes

Strengthens muscles


Beneficial for your skin

Improves blood pressure

Helps with heart health

Helps prevent disease

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